Prepaired! presenterà il proprio lavoro alla seconda conferenza internazionale di Scuola Democratica


Il 2 Giugno 2021 il gruppo di lavoro di FLA – Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente  presenterà l’esperienza di PrepAIRed!, le azioni di formazione sulla qualità dell’aria rivolte alle scuole del progetto LIFE PrepAIR nell’ambito della seconda conferenza internazionale di Scuola Democratica, prestigiosa rivista accademica che si occupa dei temi dell’educazione edita da Il Mulino, che si terrà dal 2 al 5 giugno. L’edizione di quest’anno è intitolata Reinventing School.

La presentazione, online, si terrà nell’ambito della Parallel session – B.6.2 Curriculum of Digital Civic Education, Teaching of Civic Education and new Citizenship che si terrà dalle 17:45 alle 20:00.

Per leggere il programma di dettaglio e iscriversi all’evento clicca qui.

Di seguito si riporta l’abstract dell’intervento (in inglese):

Air pollution is a global threat and one of the first attempts to human health. The WHO estimates that the deaths caused reach 4.2 million connected  the dropout in  non communicable diseases like stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, acute and chronic respiratory diseases. Around 91% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits. Air pollution is indeed a major problem, and in Italy special attention is needed in the Po’ basin where orographic and meteorological conditions contribute to have higher level of several pollutant beyond the limit. A common effort among regions is then essential as well a diffuse awareness among at local community level.
Educational programs to air quality since early school became a primary driver to be triggered and support a conscious engagement of future citizens in the implementation of air quality policies.
PREPAIR is a project aimed at harmonizing, supporting and strengthening the measures established in the regional plans and within the agreement of the Po Valley on a larger scale The ultimate goal of PREPAIR is to guarantee the sustainability of results and the empowerment of regulatory agencies. .Within the PREPAIR project.
PrepAIRed! is the action aimed at designing, testing and implementing different target-oriented training courses aimed at raising awareness and strengthening knowledge in the school system (teachers and students) on the issues of air quality covered by the project.
PrepAIRed! tries to achieve its objectives through an innovative didactic approach in order to foster the concept of “air as common good”. The educational path is divided in 5 modules representing the most impactful determinants of air quality and each module is organized in 3 learning phases reflecting the I-E-A paradigm: Information Experience and Action.
The I-E-A paradigm is based on constructivism theory ( Rivoltella, 2014 ) and constructivism techniques like flipped classroom and episodes of situated learning are implemented within the didactic proposal. The educational path is supported by a composite e-learning platform to support cooperative learning and to offer dedicated virtual spaces for teachers and single classic where it’s possible to share interactive materials, homeworks communications and evaluations.