Watch the new video introduction to Prepair project

31/07/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

Province of Trento will bring LIFE Prepair expertise to the 6th Central European Biomass Conference

LIFE Prepair project will participate to the 6th Central European…
15/01/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

The Open Journal of Air Pollution publish an article on the Survey on the perception of air quality in the Po basin

The Open Journal of Air Quality (OJAP), a scientific journal specialized…
11/10/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair at the Multi-country workshop on Air pollution from household heating TAIEX EIR PEER 2 PEER

On September the 2nd and 3rd the Multi-country workshop on Air…
29/08/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

A common strategy for the Air quality of the Po basin. Online the proceedings of the 1st Prepair Midterm conference

Last 11th of July, the Regional governments of the Po Basin together…
17/07/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair in Brussels for the European Sustainable Energy Week

Every year, the European Commission (Directorate-General for…
13/06/2019/by life

PREPAIR takes part to the EU GREEN WEEK in Brussels

The #EUGreenWeek will take place in Brussels from May 13…
08/05/2019/by Irene Sabbadini

Emissions in the Po basin: PREPAIR creates a database on the whole territory

An emissions inventory is an organized series of data about the…
19/03/2019/by Irene Sabbadini

PREPAIR at the launch conference of the life project VEG-GAP

On February 27, the launch conference of the life project VEG-GAP…
18/02/2019/by Irene Sabbadini

Air pollution and citizen science: the final conference of CAPTOR project in Milan

On November 14-15 there will be in Milan the final conference…
13/11/2018/by Irene Sabbadini

A multi-country workshop on air quality programs and their effectiveness: PREPAIR presented at the session “Success factors of Air Quality Plans”

The Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) has mapped for…
05/09/2018/by Irene Sabbadini

The didactic format for a multisectoral approach to the energy requalification of buildings is online

It is now published online a didactic format realized within…
27/07/2018/by Irene Sabbadini


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