Evaluation of emission reduction scenarios on air quality in Po Valley. New report available

The aim of the document is to contribute to the discussion of the revision of European air quality rules in connection with the new  recommendation on pollutant concentration included in the World Health Organisation's new AIR Quality Global Guidelines
09/03/2022/by Michele Bartolomei

The Air Quality Assessment Report for Po Basin and Slovenia in 2020 is Online

The document is the result of the work of the environmental Agencies' Network which are partner of the LIFE Prepair projects: ARPAE Emilia-Romagna and ARPA Piemonte (coordinators of the action), ARPA Friuli Venezia Giulia, ARPA Veneto, ARPA Lombardia, ARPA VAlle d’Aosta, APPA Trento e ARSO Slovenia.
02/08/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepaired! will present its activities at the second international conference of Scuola Democratica

On June the 2nd during the parallel session - B.6.2 Curriculum of Digital Civic Education, Teaching of Civic Education and new Citizenship
01/06/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

French Agency for ecologic transition ADEME assesses PREPAIR’s actions in its international benchmark on domestic heating and air quality

The report refers to Prepair's activities on assessment of policies efficiency and monitoring of air quality
04/02/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

Season’s Greetings


23/12/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

Watch the new video introduction to Prepair project

31/07/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

Province of Trento will bring LIFE Prepair expertise to the 6th Central European Biomass Conference

LIFE Prepair project will participate to the 6th Central European…
15/01/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

The Open Journal of Air Pollution publish an article on the Survey on the perception of air quality in the Po basin

The Open Journal of Air Quality (OJAP), a scientific journal specialized…
11/10/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair at the Multi-country workshop on Air pollution from household heating TAIEX EIR PEER 2 PEER

On September the 2nd and 3rd the Multi-country workshop on Air…
29/08/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

A common strategy for the Air quality of the Po basin. Online the proceedings of the 1st Prepair Midterm conference

Last 11th of July, the Regional governments of the Po Basin together…
17/07/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair in Brussels for the European Sustainable Energy Week

Every year, the European Commission (Directorate-General for…
13/06/2019/by life

PREPAIR takes part to the EU GREEN WEEK in Brussels

The #EUGreenWeek will take place in Brussels from May 13…
08/05/2019/by Irene Sabbadini


The relationship between agriculture and air quality. Results of Prepair’s pillar agricolture presented in Bologna

Agriculture plays a central role in the air quality issue of…
11/05/2022/by Michele Bartolomei

Brand New, upgraded version of BAT Tool software on livestock emission evaluation in now online

BAT-Tool Plus allows to evaluate gas and nitrogen compound in water emissions by livestock. It now includes cattles (in addition to pigs and poultry) and it is more precise in evaluating green house gases emissions. Not just at farm scope but at a regional scale too thanks to a brand new territorial model.
07/02/2022/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair’s Second Midterm conference: two days debate on Air Quality in the Po basin

Download the slides of the conference
13/10/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

The Po basin together for the Quality of Air | 6 October

The second MId-term Conference of LIFE PrepAIR, online from Venice
24/09/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

SAVE THE DATE! 2nd PrepAIR Mid-Term Conference | Venice 6th October

The conference will be hosted by Regione Veneto and ARPA Veneto
28/07/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

Covid-19 and Air Quality in the Po Valley: Online the English summary of the third Report

The third report studies the Effects the Covid-19 Lockdown on PM10 chemical composition in the Po valley.
20/05/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

Air Quality during the weeks of coronavirus emergency: the results of a preliminary study

27/07/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

Online the Report of the Survey on Residential consumption of Biomass in the Po Basin

Today february 19th, ARPA Veneto, the curator of the survey …
19/02/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

Online the infopoint on Public Buildings: a tool dedicated public servants and authorities

The Public Building Infopoint is online, a portal dedicated to…
18/11/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

A common strategy for the Air quality of the Po basin. Online the proceedings of the 1st Prepair Midterm conference

Last 11th of July, the Regional governments of the Po Basin together…
17/07/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

“Citizen and air quality”. Survey’s results available

The first survey on the citizens' perception of the Air quality…
17/07/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

Ammonia emissions and farms – PREPAIR launches an innovative tool for estimating emissions based on the techniques used in intensive farming

The software "BAT-Tool" is available online, and it has been…
21/05/2019/by Irene Sabbadini

Next events

Register Now! | Improving air quality together | Prepair’s International conference | 31st of May | Bruxelles and online

LIFE IP PREPAIR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "Improving air quality together. LIFE IP PrepAIR: project’s achievements and main results" 31st May 2022, Emilia-Romagna Region Delegation to the EU
Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels. Partner Event of the EU Green Week 2022. Event celebrating the LIFE 30th Anniversary.
11/05/2022/by Michele Bartolomei

Three occasions of european networking for LIFE PrepAIR

Novembre 9th LIFE HungAIRy international conference, 16th "New european Bauhaus" event of LIFE Programme and 18th-19th at the Third Clean Air Forum in Madrid
16/11/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

7 October | Conference on Woody Biomass Consumption

On Thursday  7th October, the Conference on Woody Biomass Consumption…
24/09/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair will attend to the “Natural Resources Management and Pollution Reduction: Sharing best practices at the local, national and international level” conference

EU Green Week 2021's Partner event organised by LIFE Beware on June the 4th
28/05/2021/by Michele Bartolomei

6-7 October | Regione Emilia-Romagna will host the next CAMS user workshop Italy

A two day occasion of meeting and debate for existing and potential users of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring System (CAMS) organized by Copernicus National User Forum, ISPRA and Regione Emilia-Romagna.
01/10/2020/by Michele Bartolomei

Prepair will attend the EU Clean Air Forum in Bratislava

On November 28-29, Emilia Romagna Region as Prepair Lead Partner…
15/11/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

Elettricittà – In Trento the Electric Mobility day 2019

Within the The europena Sustainable Mobility Week (September…
06/09/2019/by Michele Bartolomei



28/06/2019/by Michele Bartolomei

“Biomass management flow, case studies and opportunities”: a workshop

How can we manage the biomass? What are the opportunities of…
26/10/2018/by Irene Sabbadini

Second project meeting in Trento

On March 14 and 15 the second project meeting of PREPAIR will…
09/03/2018/by Irene Sabbadini

PREPAIR steering committee meets the Po Basin Board

The Steering Committee of PREPAIR will meet in Milan on Tuesday,…
18/12/2017/by Irene Sabbadini

PREPAIR presented in Brussels at the European week of “Regions & Cities”

It is currently happening in Brussels the 15th edition of the…
10/10/2017/by Irene Sabbadini