French Agency for ecologic transition ADEME assesses PREPAIR’s actions in its international benchmark on domestic heating and air quality

French government’s agency for ecologic transition ADEME published a report on international policies on domestic heating and air quality titled “Chauffage domestique et qualité de l’air, benchmark international”

The document assesses various LIFE Prepair actions: such as the policies efficiency assessment, the monitoring of pollutants emissions and concentrations, the survey on citizens perception of air quality and the modeling tool RIAT+. It is downlodable from ADEME’s website in its full version in French or as a summary in english.



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Province of Trento will bring LIFE Prepair expertise to the 6th Central European Biomass Conference

LIFE Prepair project will participate to the 6th Central European Biomass Conference (CEBC), that will take place in Graz (Austria) from January 22nd to 24th 2020. CEBC is one of the main meeting on the biomass topic at an european level: a topic that is tightly linked to climate policies, but at the same time that has an important effect on the air quality.

Lavinia Laiti from Province of Trento will present LIFE Prepair experience on Biomass issue during the workshop “Clean Air” that will take place on Thursday the 23rd afternoon.

For more info visit CEBC website.

To download the complete programme click here.

The Open Journal of Air Pollution publish an article on the Survey on the perception of air quality in the Po basin

The Open Journal of Air Quality (OJAP), a scientific journal specialized in air quality, recently published a peer review article on “Citizen and air quality“, the first survey on the perception of air quality by the citizens of the entire Po basin. Authors of the article are Enrico Cancila, Irene Sabbadini and Marco Ottolenghi of Art-ER, Marco Deserti of the Emilia Romagna Region and Sara Tessitore of the Istituto Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.

The article sets out the aims, the methodology used and the results highlighting the opportunities offered by the survey to better understand the perception of the problem of air quality by citizens and the mechanisms that lead to the formation of their opinions in this regard: all pieces of information that can contribute to improve the effectiveness of future communication and involvement activities on the subject.

Read the article.

Prepair at the Multi-country workshop on Air pollution from household heating TAIEX EIR PEER 2 PEER

On September the 2nd and 3rd the Multi-country workshop on Air pollution from household heating will take place in Tallinn, Estonia as art of the UE programme TAIEX EIR PEER 2 PEER.

The event will be an occasion of confrontation and exchange between the environmental authorities of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Croazia and their peers from more advanced member states. As a matter of fact in these countries the use of solid fuels, such as wood, in domestic heating significantly contributes to air pollution.

The experience of project Prepair will be presented by the Autonomous Province of Trento in the secondo day during the session dedicated to PM 2.5 reduction.

For more information please download the agenda.

A common strategy for the Air quality of the Po basin. Online the proceedings of the 1st Prepair Midterm conference


Last 11th of July, the Regional governments of the Po Basin together with the Autonomous Province of Trento met in Milan hosted by Regione Lombardia, for the first Midterm conference of LIFE Prepair Project.

The conference was the occasion to present the achievements of the first two project years and to take the stock of the situation on common strategies and future perspective regarding air quality in the critical context of the Po basin.

In the presence of Wilhelmus De Wilt as a representative of the European Commission, the participants to the 1st Midterm conference – among them the regional ministers Raffaele Cattaneo of Lombardia, Paola Gazzolo of Emilia Romagna, Matteo Marnati of Piemonte – discussed what has been done so far and the future perspective taking into account the recent signature of the protocl for air quality signed by the italian regional governments and the national ministry of environment at the Clean Air Dialogue in Turin, nearly a month ago.

The morning was dedicated  to present the advancement of the actions and the achievements of Prepair project. The project activities helped making clear that reducing the emission of pollutants by 40% in the Po basin is feasable, given the fast implementation of the action already planned and the use of new advanced technologies.

Among the results it was presented the first survey on the perception of air quality for the Po Basin.

An informal Networking session took place during lunch break with the participation of some of the projects part of the Prepair Network.

The afternoon section was more oriented to the perspectives and political strategies that were discussed in a round table by the representatives of the Po basin local governments and project partners.

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Prepair in Brussels for the European Sustainable Energy Week

Every year, the European Commission (Directorate-General for Energy and the Executive Agency for SMEs) organizes the EUROPEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK # #EUSEW2019 the largest event dedicated to renewable energy and efficient energy use in Europe.

The 14th edition will take place from 17 to 21 June 2019. This year’s theme is “Shaping Europe’s energy future – shaping Europe’s energyfuture”, which will cover a series of activities with a scope at EU level.

On 19 June, from 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm, at the Residence Palace, the Prepair Project will also be presented, within the Energy Talks.

The Autonomous Province of Trento, as responsible for coordinating the thematic pillar “energy efficiency”, will present the results achieved so far and the future prospects offered by Prepair.

PREPAIR takes part to the EU GREEN WEEK in Brussels

The #EUGreenWeek will take place in Brussels from May 13 – 17: the week will be built around the findings of the Environmental Implementation Review, and its suggestions for the future of these laws.

EU Green Week 2019 will weigh up the findings of this Review, asking questions such as:

What benefits do EU environmental laws bring for citizens?
What does successful implementation look like?
Where are the problem areas?
How can stakeholders take ownership of these laws?
Most importantly, we will be looking at how the EU can facilitate the process, making sure that the voices of citizens are heard.

PREPAIR will also participate to the Green Week: our lead partner, the Emilia-Romagna region, will represent the project in two different sessions:
Peer learning from LIFE – Thursday, May 16 from 14:30 to 16:00 at the Green Cafè Tent

Cleaning the air, cutting industrial emissions – Friday, May 17 from 9:30 to 11:00 at Einstein

Find out more about the #EUGreenWeek

For the detailed program look here

Emissions in the Po basin: PREPAIR creates a database on the whole territory

An emissions inventory is an organized series of data about the amount of pollutants introduced into the atmosphere from natural sources and human activities, with particular reference to a specific period of time and a specific territorial area. An inventory of this kind has been developed within action A1 of PREPAIR: emission data of the Po basin and Slovenia for the year 2013 have been collected and analyzed; this area is 135,000 km2 wide and has 28 million inhabitants.

This database was obtained from the combination of local or national (for Slovenia) inventories developed in the different territorial areas and maintaining as much detail as possible on the types of emission sources and on the territories of the singles municipalities.

From a quantitative perspective, the emission data analysis of the Po basin regions confirms the relevance of the non-industrial combustion sector for the PM10 emissions, 56% of the total (59% for the whole domain), followed by road transport, 20% of the total emissions of PM10 (18% on the whole domain). Road transport represents also 50% of the total NOx emissions (51% on the PREPAIR domain), followed by industrial combustion (15% and 14% on the domain) and off-road vehicles (13% and 12% on the domain). The agriculture sector is confirmed as the main emission source of NH3 (97% of the total emissions).

Data confirm also that the Po basin represents a unique hot-spot in Europe. The Po valley is one of the most densely populated areas in Europe and yet the PM10 and NOx emissions per capita are lower than the average of EU28 countries (EEA, 2018). In fact, data demonstrate that PM10 emissions per capita in the Po basin are 3 Kg/person/year (3,4 kg/person/year for the PREPAIR domain) versus 4,3 kg/person/year of EU28 in 2013. Similarly, NOx emissions per capita are about 15 kg/person/year both for the Po basin and the PREPAIR domain versus 16,6 kg/person/year of EU28 in 2013.

The analysis of the emission data and of the emission estimation methodologies supported also the preliminary activities of those actions that will define and collect new data within the project.

The final report on the emission database and its abstract can be found in the section Documents & outputs of action Emissions dataset at this link.