You’ve got air! – the docufilm is the video storytelling of project LIFE PrepAIR in which all partners present their committment to improve air quality in the Po basin

So far we have published the trailer only, during next months (untill december 2022) the movie will be showed in various occasions in festivals, TV and Web TV, Associations and schools…

Would you like to host a premiere show of the full movie? Download the technical sheet and contact us!

The Po Valley: 7 Regions in North Italy occupying the area along the great Po river.
The most densely populated area in Italy, the driving force behind the country’s economic development, yet first for poor air quality.
The air is everyone’s and has no borders; if the air is “sick” it concerns everyone, without exception. Results can only be achieved through an agreement, a strong partnership between institutions and the public, with each playing their part.
All well and good, but how to initiate change? Why not start with existing solutions?
This question is the starting point for “You’ve got Air – the docu-journey”, which unfolds through the eyes and actions of an outstanding ambassador, Paolo Franceschini, the “Comicista”.
The comedian-cum-cyclist travels the Po Valley and its landmarks in search of positive actions already being carried out, looking for the most significant experiences told in the words of the very people who have created, supported and tested them.
A fun, light-hearted travel diary in seven parts, which builds a diverse mosaic of virtuous, committed organisations.
Discovering, laughing, and thinking along the way. Institutions and the public taking action together, and saying loud and clear: there’s air for you!

The docu-journey was created within the Life PrepAIR project as part of the “You’ve got Air!” campaign to raise awareness. It brings together seven Northern Italian regions to fight air pollution in the Po Valley through the joint efforts of institutions and the public. The campaign involves the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Lombardy, Veneto, the Autonomous Province of Trento and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The ambassador himself is “Comicista” Paolo Franceschini, the comedian-cum-cyclist who has chosen to make his own contribution to improving the quality of the air by cycling instead of driving. Actor, comedian and DJ for Radio Kiss Kiss. Inseparable from his beloved bike for many years, he plays a key role in actions and campaigns for promoting environmental sustainability and sustainable mobility.