PREPAIR and the New Anti-Smog Agreement against air pollution in the Po Basin


On June 8 and 9 the initial conference of the LIFE Integrated project PREPAIR has been held in Bologna, at the Emilia Romagna Region headquarters. Over thirty national and international speakers have participated to the two-days event, the European Commission was represented by Guido De Wilt for the DG Environment and Andrea Tilche for the DG Research and Innovation and the Slovenian and Italian Environment Ministries by Uros Vajgl and Gian Luca Galletti. During the first day of the conference, the five thematic pillars on which the project will act – agriculture, transports, biomass, energy efficiency and monitoring – have been presented by the respective people in charge, and several stakeholders (who will give their contribution throughout the whole project by taking part to the Stakeholder Board) discussed of the project actions that will be implemented in the next seven years. The networking with other European projects has also been stressed, as PREPAIR will build on previous successful experiences too.

The second day of the conference, a rather political-institutional event, ended with the signature of the “New Agreement for the coordinated and joint adoption of measures for the improvement of air quality in the Po basin” by the Regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto at the presence of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti.

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