Initial Conference 8-9 June 2017


The initial conference of PREPAIR was held in Bologna on June 8 and 9, 2017. Here you can see the program of the conference, the interviews and the speakers presentations.

Guido De Wilt_LIFE and Integrated Projects (EN)
Katia Raffaelli_The LIFE Integrated Project PREPAIR (EN)
Matteo Balboni_Reduction of environmental impacts from agriculture and livestock sector (IT)
Gian Luca Gurrieri_Environmental Impacts of biomass burning: how PREPAIR can improve air quality in the Po Valley (IT)
Milena Orso Giacone_Actions on Transports (EN)
Sara Verones_The untapped energy efficiency potential of urban environment. How the PREPAIR Project affects existing buildings (IT)
Giuseppe Bortone_Introduction on PREPAIR technical actions: integrated assessment, long term sustainability and air quality (EN)
Fabrizio Tollari_Monitoring the air quality plans actions: environmental accountability (EN)
Elisabetta Angelino_Monitoring the air quality plans actions: emissions inventory (EN)
Marco Deserti_Data sharing, air quality evaluation and integrated assessment in the Po valley and Slovenia target area (EN)
Guido Lanzani_Monitoring the environmental effects of the air quality plans by special stations and intensive observations (EN)
Stefania Betti_The Knowledge Platform, best practices for the environment and Climate action (EN)
Piotr Lyczko_The Life integrated project on air quality: MAŁOPOLSKA Poland (EN)
Ilaria de Biasi_LIFE Project BrennerLEC (EN)
Guido De Wilt_The European policy for air quality (EN)
Andrea Tilche_The role of research on air quality and climate (EN)