Evaluation of emission reduction scenarios on air quality in Po Valley. New report available

The aim of the document is to contribute to the discussion of the revision of European air quality rules in connection with the new  recommendation on pollutant concentration included in the World Health Organisation's new AIR Quality Global Guidelines

Brand New, upgraded version of BAT Tool software on livestock emission evaluation in now online

BAT-Tool Plus allows to evaluate gas and nitrogen compound in water emissions by livestock. It now includes cattles (in addition to pigs and poultry) and it is more precise in evaluating green house gases emissions. Not just at farm scope but at a regional scale too thanks to a brand new territorial model.

Three occasions of european networking for LIFE PrepAIR

Novembre 9th LIFE HungAIRy international conference, 16th "New european Bauhaus" event of LIFE Programme and 18th-19th at the Third Clean Air Forum in Madrid

Slides: Prepair’s second Midterm conference Prepair | Venice 6th October

The PREPAIR project in the context of the short and long term air quality planning in the Po Valley | Paolo Ferrecchi (Regione Emilia-Romagna) Evaluation and Monitoring Session PM10 precursor emissions | Alessandro Marongiu (ARPA Lombardia) Air…

7 October | Conference on Woody Biomass Consumption

On Thursday  7th October, the Conference on Woody Biomass Consumption will be held within the LIFE PrepAIR project Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Participants will follow the conferences exclusively online on the Zoom platform. Consumption in…