Brand New, upgraded version of BAT Tool software on livestock emission evaluation in now online


The “Plus” version of the BAT-Tool is now available, the application to evaluate the emissions of livestocks now applies to cattles and can estimate greenhouse gases emissions in greater detail (in accordance with IPCC 2006 tier 2 method). A new territorial model allows to carry out a simulation on a regional scale, extending the scope of the application once limited to a single farm/company.

The new features add up to the previous ones: estimation of green house gases, gaseous emissions (ammonia, nitrogen oxides, methane and carbon dioxide) and potential release of nitrogen compounds into water by animal farms (originally pigs and poultry only).

To use the software, simply access the site, after registering, and click on the “Ammonia Greenhouse Gas Module” icon. The previous version of the BAT Tool, will still remain available, but  in read only mode. Each user will be able to see its own business simulations both in the “basic” version of the application and in the Plus version.

The BAT-Tool Plus User Manual is available here (in Italian).