The didactic format for a multisectoral approach to the energy requalification of buildings is online

It is now published online a didactic format realized within the project action “Near Zero Energy Buildings” and related to the energy requalification of private buildings, condominiums in particular.

The format goes together with a detailed educational program aiming at bringing different professionals to common and transversal competences about the energy requalification of condominiums. The courses will only be developed on the Italian territory and will involve different professionals dealing with energy requalification of condominiums such as building administrators,  designers, artisans and construction companies.

The aim of the initiative is to promote integration within the energy redevelopment chain of condominiums by building common languages ​​and practices able to promote and support interventions and to direct the planning and the planning of works towards the optimal achievement of consumption targets established by the client. This will be done through the training of condominium administrators, professional technicians and construction companies, providing them with adequate and homogeneous skills.

See the English version of the didactic format