The Po Valley of northern Italy represents an important non attaining zone for PM, NO2 and O3. This zone covers the territory of Italian northern Regions and includes several urban agglomerates such as Milan, Turin and Bologna. The area is densely populated and heavily industrialized. Tons of NOx, PM and NH3 are emitted in the atmosphere by a wide variety of pollution sources mainly related to traffic, domestic heating, industry and energy production sectors. [ click to continue ]


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"Biomass management flow, case studies and opportunities": a workshop

How can we manage the biomass? What are the opportunities of a proper management? These are some of the questions that will be discussed on Tuesday, October 30 at the workshop "Biomass management flow: case studies and opportunities", organized…

Second project meeting in Trento

On March 14 and 15 the second project meeting of PREPAIR will be held in Trento, Italy. At the meeting, for project partners only, the state of the art of the single actions and the first project deliverables will be presented. The meeting…

PREPAIR steering committee meets the Po Basin Board

The Steering Committee of PREPAIR will meet in Milan on Tuesday, December 19 in a joint meeting with the Po Basin Board. The first decisions will be taken by the Steering Committee regarding the implementation of a common monitoring plan…




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