Prepair will attend to the “Natural Resources Management and Pollution Reduction: Sharing best practices at the local, national and international level” conference

On June the 4th, Giulia Righi of Regione Emilia-Romagna will attend as a speaker at the “Natural Resources Management and Pollution Reduction: Sharing best practices at the local, national and international level” conference to present actions and results achieved so far by PrepAIR project.

The Conference is hosted by project LIFE Beware and will be a partner event of the EU Green Week 2021 whose slogan is significantly “Zero Pollution”.

Municipality of Santorso is project leader of LIFE Beware whose objecive is the implementation of an adaptation strategy to climate change and to flood risk in urban and rural areas, through the active involvement of local communities.

Register here to attend to the conference.

Click here to download the programme qui.

6-7 October | Regione Emilia-Romagna will host the next CAMS user workshop Italy

A two day occasion of meeting and debate for existing and potential users of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring System (CAMS) organized by Copernicus National User Forum, ISPRA and Regione Emilia-Romagna.

Prepair will attend the EU Clean Air Forum in Bratislava


On November 28-29, Emilia Romagna Region as Prepair Lead Partner will attend  the EU Clean Air Forum in Bratislava, Slovakia.

This Forum will focus on four themes: 

  • air quality and health;
  • air quality and energy;
  • air quality and agriculture;
  • clean air funding mechanisms.

 It will bring together decision-makers, stakeholders and experts on the above topics in a two-day conference to reflect on the development and implementation of effective European, national and local air policies, projects and programmes.

Fore more information visit the Forum page.

Elettricittà – In Trento the Electric Mobility day 2019


Within the The europena Sustainable Mobility Week (September 16th-22nd), the Autonomous Province of Trento organises Elettricittà, the Electric Mobility Day that will take place in Trento the next September the 20th.

The agenda of day includes the presentation of the Province Sustainable Mobility Plan, an exposition of electric cars with the possibility of a test drive and, in the evening, Loredana Cont’s show on electric mobility.

Visit the event page on the European Sustainable Mobility Week Website.


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A month after the CLEAN AIR DIALOGUE, which took place in Turin the 4th and 5th of June and after the signature of the new protocol on air quality by the Regions of the Po valley and the Italian Ministry of environment, the territorial government of the Po Basin meet again to take the stock of the situation of Air Quality.

The conference will be the occasion to confront on strategies and future perspective concerning the quality of air in the critical context of the Po valley territory, starting from the results achieved so far by the LIFE Prepair project.

The morning session will be dedicated to present the achievements of the partners’ work in the first 17 month of the Prepair project for each of the thematic pillars addressed: Transports, Biomass. Energy efficiency, Agriculture, Data evaluation, Communication and capacity building.

The afternoon session will be fully dedicated to the future perspectives and strategies for the improvement of Air quality in the Po basin. A topic that Prepair project will address until its end foreseen in December 2023.

During lunch break a networking session will make way for the projects part of the Prepair network.

The complete program is available in English and in Italian.

“Biomass management flow, case studies and opportunities”: a workshop

How can we manage the biomass? What are the opportunities of a proper management?

These are some of the questions that will be discussed on Tuesday, October 30 at the workshop “Biomass management flow: case studies and opportunities”, organized within a PREPAIR action that aims at analyzing the logistics of consumption and supply of woody biomass.

The Region of Murcia, Spain, will also take place to the workshop telling about its regional experience and the participation to the project PROFORBIOMED. Some case studies about the strategic management of biomass flows will also be presented by the University of Padova.

The workshop will take place at 2 PM at the Palazzo Sistema Regionale in Milan, 5th floor, room 34, and will also be available in streaming.

For participating, either in person or videoconference, please registerat this link.

See the program of the workshop with the information for the streaming

Second project meeting in Trento

On March 14 and 15 the second project meeting of PREPAIR will be held in Trento, Italy.

At the meeting, for project partners only, the state of the art of the single actions and the first project deliverables will be presented. The meeting will also be the occasion for presenting and approving within the Steering Committee the Regulation of communication and for the publicizing of project outputs.

PREPAIR steering committee meets the Po Basin Board

The Steering Committee of PREPAIR will meet in Milan on Tuesday, December 19 in a joint meeting with the Po Basin Board.

The first decisions will be taken by the Steering Committee regarding the implementation of a common monitoring plan of the measures of the regions air quality plans, the actions of the basin agreements of 2013 and 2017, and the actions of PREPAIR.

The rules for the implementation of this moniroing plan will be defined, and the state of the art of the project as well as the first results of the preparatory actions will be presented.


PREPAIR presented in Brussels at the European week of “Regions & Cities”

It is currently happening in Brussels the 15th edition of the European week dedicated to regions and cities –  #EURegionsWeek 2017 – under the headline “Regions and Cities working for a better future”. From the 10th until the 13th of October 130 workshops debates, project visits and networking events will be taking place; 28 partnerships of regions and cities, 14 Directorates-General of the European Commission, several networks, associations and other institutions have partnered up for it. The program of the week tackles three main themes: Building resilient regions and cities – #LocalResilience; Regions and cities as change agents – #TakeAction; Sharing knowledge to deliver results – #SharingKnowledge.

On Wednesday, October 11, the Emilia-Romagna Region will present PREPAIR within the workshop “Cities in transition – improving urban air quality”, organized by the Committee of the Regions of the European Commission. The workshop will explore some of the options that cities have to improve air quality management, it will highlight some of the challenges cities face when working to improve air quality and present examples how these have been overcome. PREPAIR will be presented during the session “Improving urban air quality – action at regional and city level”.

For further details see the dedicated webpage of the European Commission

Program of the workshop

Next project meeting in Venice

The second project meeting of PREPAIR will be held in Venice on the 28th and 29th of September, 2017.

The meeting, open to the project partners only, will have a focus on the state of the art of the project activities as well as the ongoing administrative procedures.